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¿Qué hora es? - Telling Time
¡Hola! Soy Estela. - NPC Conversation/Reading Comprehension/Writing Activity
Los Colores - Color and Shape Garden
  Are you ready to Escape to a new way to learn Spanish?

Escape is your destination for learning Spanish in the virtual world.  Here you´ll find a rich, immersive 3D environment ready for you to explore.  With over 60 targeted vocabulary and grammar topics, Escape will lead you on the path to your Spanish educational goals.

This immersive 3D environment transports students to Escape, a town in the Spanish-speaking world, that includes a plaza, cathedral, cultural pavilion, school, café, bakery, clinic, transportation hub, bank, travel agency, pharmacy, dry cleaners, traditional house, amusement park, stores and a mysterious pyramid.

Each of the locations contains embedded activities designed to teach you grammar concepts and vocabulary, practice those concepts and vocabulary and finally test your comprehension.  The activities include audio, text, video.  Many of the activities are delivered through NPCs (non-playing characters/robot) that use artificial intelligence to move your through the concepts.

While exploring Escape, you´ll wear a HUD (heads-up-display) that provides you with the tools you´ll need to gain a better understanding of what you´re learning.  It will display webpages with content related to the activities so that you can learn as you participate.  It will play audio for the targeted learning objects filling the environment.  Finally, it will serve as your personal assistant, moving you around Escape and suggesting your next activity.
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